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Traptastic Soundpack (Week 5)

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Controller: Channel:

  • STT_Vocal_Loop_100_Bpm_01.wav
  • STT_Melody_Loop_95_Bpm_08_D#.wav
  • STT_Melody_Loop_95_Bpm_02_D.wav
  • 10-Vocal 2.wav
  • 26-Synth 2.wav
  • STT_Melody_Loop_100_Bpm_11_B.wav
  • 18-Sticks.wav
  • 19-Snare 2.wav
  • 2-Bongo.wav
  • 15-Aye Aye.wav
  • STT_Bass_Loop_95_Bpm_12_D.wav
  • 22-Snare 1.wav
  • STT_Drum_Loop_100_Bpm_14_A.wav
  • STT_Sub_Loop_100_Bpm_02_F.wav
  • STT_Melody_Loop_95_Bpm_16_F#.wav
  • STT_Snare_Fill_100_Bpm_05.wav
  • STT_Drum_Loop_95_Bpm_05_A.wav
  • 24-Scratch Loop.wav
  • 21-Vocal Bass.wav
  • 20-Clap.wav

Description and Instructions

In week 5 of our Free Weekly Soundpacks, I sliced up a few loops and samples from various sources to create this 2 bank pack.  It has a great amount of flexibility to be played various ways and even on multiple controllers.  In the example I showed how if you switch banks while holding a loop or longer sample it will hold and continue to play while drumming in a different bank.  There are a few of these hidden throughout the pack.  Please feel free to send us your renditions, we'd love to see the different ways it can be played.  Enjoy!

Be sure to tag us in any posts as we'd love to see your renditions! 

Please Note: All weekly soundpacks contain Ableton Live Project file, Traktor Remix Kit, and WAVs folder all in one zip file!

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